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*Psychic readings, Tarot Readings, Intuitive Vibrational Healing, Reiki,Energy Healing are available in group settings.  Individually In person, phone, FaceTime, WhatsApp & Skype. ****Phone/Skype readings & healing are equally effective as being together  in person.

*Business Consulting, Legal Cases are Angelique's specialty. (Will sign privacy papers -non disclosure if necessary). Excellent for growing your business, navigating decisions.  knowing solutions available to avoid potential problems.

*Life Coach , Be the best you can be.  Raise the bar to your success and be more effective in all relationships.

*Spiritual Counseling. Clear self defeating patterns that self sabotage and get in your way so you can live and manifest all you desire.


*Cut cords from old relationships, current relationships be they intimate, work related so you can energetically move on and/or create more balance and harmony in relationships that are pivotal to your success. Old cords can stop a new relationship from entering your life, perhaps you keep attracting the same type that doesn't really meet your conscious desires.  Clear the patterns and see the difference quickly in your life. 


Call or email to book your session with Angelique. Please include via email a valid telephone number where Angelique can call you and country, for time difference purposes. Angelique will be happy to discuss your needs prior to booking.

                           Click below for more information on each reading length & healing types.

                           Thank you. In one heart. Se habla Español

                           ***GIFT CERTIFICATES ARE AVAILABLE FOR YOUR FRIENDS, FAMILY AND LOVED ONES. Makes the perfect gift!

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