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Tel: (1) 917 201- 7022    


Please leave a message if Angelique isn't available to answer.



Nationwide/International Based in New York City, New York

Please submit your questions, prayer requests, ask for quotations for a service you would like to be performed here. Many thanks,In One Heart, Angelique 


Se habla Español.


I've been the benefactor of Angelique's work on several occasions. She has cleared & blessed spaces that went from feeling heavy, dark & bleak, to light and productive.The difference was immediate and really quite remarkable. She is easy to be around, and there were plenty of good laughs as well. I recommend her good works whole-heartedly.

Mary Frances Jackson

Angelique is the best most accurate psychic! She has wonderful positive energy. I am uplifted just hearing her voice. Book her today! You will love her readings! 

Toni Mercogliano


A rare beauty, inside and out...She is enchanting, magnanimous and in very way and on every level, one of the most loving warm and inviting people I know...!!! An extraordinarily gifted Psychic!!! I've known Angelique for many years and I truly love and adore everything about her. She never ceases to amaze and surprise me...She has helped me on so many occasions and I cannot be more grateful and blessed to have Angelique in my life. Denise Toth

<3 Thank you<3 many blessings, I treasure your friendship of many years and your advises, right on every time!!! Daniela Petix Gaudino

"My first reading with Angelique was very clear. I have had other readings but not really as cogent and succinct in communication as this one. Angelique was able to give me expert advice on my job and what would happen in the next three weeks. Sure thing, it did really happen.  This kind of guidance can be really important for anyone on the career ladder, as you can plan your next move. Angelique was so"on"with the dates of events that i really had an opportunity to be proactive and was not surprised. She lays out the reading in such a way that it is very easy to understand. I would highly recommend her to anyone." Sareena S

Lelani Murkov

"Amazing work, highly recommend Angelique. Very professional and has been a major help in expanding my own self through work and everyday life. Love her"

Hi Angelique.. so since it is a month now.. I wanted to tell you how amazingly accurate you were for my reading! Uncanny Really! S. Sandhu

Jeneen Miller - Author of Pieces Of Victory

I have known Angelique for over ten years. She has given me several readings. Sometimes, it's not always the result I want but it's the truth and is leading me down the path that I need to take. In one of my readings, she described someone living with me and they were not in my home yet. Then after a few months, when things started coming to fruition, I remembered my reading.

Angelique also does energy work. After having a reading with her, it prompted me to take action regarding the direction of my book, Pieces of Victory.

I also had some negative energy surrounding me and I was heading for a breakdown. For three weeks, I didn't want to be productive and I stayed in bed until five pm.-7 pm. I was reclusive and was hating my life. I didn't feel good enough as a person to do anything. I was allowing sadness and anger to consume my every waking hour. This is so unlike me because I'm productive and ambitious. I never verbally asked her to do any energy work on me but I needed some serious help.

This morning I woke up to the sound of rain tapping on my pane. I felt tranquil. The peace that took over was so unexplainable. I thought my depression was not going to dissipate and only continue in a downward spiral. I'm usually good about bouncing back but these past three weeks have taken it's final toll on my psyche.

Again, I couldn't believe the contrast. Immediately, I felt like Angelique did energy work for me because that's the type of person she is. She knew I needed help and was the conduit to channel healing energy of peace. Now, I'm able to stay focus on my mission in help prevent child abuse in teen programs.

Here's Angelique's response when I intuitively had a feeling she facilitated the changes of my energy.

Yes, I asked your soul if you wanted to receive any healing energy and to absorb anything appropriate for your well being and release anything that didn't serve you simultaneously. At this tumultuous time for you.  Not ever to violate free will. For this I asked your higher self to assist you to move forward with harmony grace and healthy wellbeing. Jeneen Miller - Author of Pieces Of Victory

Mary Frances J.

Angelique has a unique and authentic gift that she has further empowered with learning and experience.  Her ability to intuit and understand the energies she encounters and works with to create healthy environments and attitudes has been a game-changer for me. She is an absolutely delightful and warm individual to work with!

Laura T.

She is simply Amazing. I met her 2 years ago and, from that moment, she became my Spiritual Guide.
She is really a support you can always count on.
I'm really blessed that I met her 2 years ago


Louisya G.
Angelique has been my reader for the past 3 1/2 years. She first provided excellent guidance for the challenging legal matters and lawsuits I was involved with. Per Angelique's advise my attorneys planned strategies which allowed me to have the lawsuits dropped and come to an agreement to settle my fathers estate.

Now Angelique provides guidance with my many work issues. 

I highly recommended Angelique for strategic advice pertaining to legal matters


Daniela P.

Angelique is been my spiritual guide over 12 years  She always told me the truth, and she was right all the time. She never stop to surprise me. Sometimes, I forget things she tells me, but when I live them the I say to myself omg!!!Angelique was soooooo right! She doesn't tell me what I want to hear, but she tell has she see it, positive or negative, bad news or good news. She has all my trust and most of all after all this years she is one of my dearest friend.

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