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Given all that is going on in the world, it is tough to chart the waters ahead in this vastness of change. In my business I am seeing 90% of my clients that I am reading for and/or coaching are reinventing themselves. How many times do we get to reinvent ourselves in our life? If you look around (not compare) at the people who are not swaying with the wind, their stalks are breaking.

This is a Summer of Change.

From my experience I suggest not only looking at the business aspect, trends, bottom line etc, but at yourself as well. Your business is a reflection of you, so this is a Summer to redefine your whys and hows and embrace the risks. Can you expand and open your offerings to include another customer base, something you've been wanting to do? Are you spread thinly offering too many things? Perhaps course correct into a more specialized focus, the one you enjoy the most! Who brings the most value to your clients and success? Rewrite your offerings, revamp your website, laying a fresh...

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