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Click on the image for more details on how Space Cleansing and Clearing can enhance your business, financially, create better working relationships with staff. Increase patrons, decrease loss, maximize recognition in a good way, e.g. publicity. Great for selling/renting property quickly.  


Enhancing building construction in faster time with less on site problems.

Clear out ghosts & paranormal activity, haunted spaces are prevalent and sometimes the land also, due to war, fires etc over the centuries. the spirits want to cross over but don't know how, and they get attached to the land. Old energy sticks until its moved out. For instance if someone had financial worries, losses, ailing health etc., over time they are in that space, it has become infused/dense with that energy. When you move in things will start to create minimal issues to begin with, over time you will notice a gradual depletion of those same vibrations. 

I always recommend to perform a space clearing and a blessing when purchasing or renting a new property to basically make the energy supportive and tailored to your needs, your energy and that of your family. For offices it enhances more focus, employee cohesiveness and general well being and successful bottom line, increasing profits. Making it a win-win for all.

If you have a high traffic business i recommend using this procedure a few times a year to maintain space atmosphere at optimum feel good vibe for all clients, and employees  etc., 

I can perform this service using a floor plan and photos when necessary and is equally effective, if you're looking to keep expenses of traveling etc., at a minimum. 

*There are more explanations and testimonials below if you click on the photos.

*Contact Angelique for a phone consultation and specifics of the problems you are encountering.


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