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Angelique de Wolfe’s intuitive readings are truly on the mark. Her casual but direct approach is very supportive and her uncanny ability to give predictive guidance not only prepares you for shifts coming up in your life, but also assists in feeling at ease through the changes. If you are looking to know possibilities coming up in the near future, Angelique can guide you in a very loving, structured, grounded way.  Try it. You will like it. Jodi Serota 


I have to say things happened just as you predicted, even to certain words that were exchanged! In my reading two months ago, you had told me, I would be invited to go to a party of some sort and that day I would not feel like going but you told me I must as there would be someone new I would meet, that would grow very quickly into a meaningful relationship and when we would see one other it would be instant magic and chemistry! Well I got the invitation from a co-worker completely by surprise I went to the party I was suffering from cramps and met the man! We have been seeing each other for six weeks now, it truly was love at first sight! WOW I still cannot believe it. Thank you, thank you! Mary Steinberg


In my first card reading with Angelique (A.D.) Made me cry with tears because how each card signified a related problem I was having.  Each card I chose was for me regardless how I shuffled the cards and thought of my question to A.D. Amazing it was and is still to this day! If I have an issue or want to know something or just have it done, because I feel I want to know something anything in general … every word she will engage to me comes real.  Whether it is something to do with your job, relationship,  school, any specific issue she will have you content.  On your first reading you will know and maybe cry like me or say “OH SHE IS GOOD” ….. But please. Do remember everything she says–word to word because when something is mentioned it will happen. You again will say “oh, she is fantastic, phenomenal, awesome”.  I highly recommend anyone to her, even if a person doesn’t believe in this, because I guarantee you will have guidance and truth and closure. Instead of 5 stars, I give her 6 ******


S. Dervisevic


I had my first reading with you about three months ago. To have my eyes opened with your uncanny intuition, your warm advice, your guidance in response to problems I have been haunted by these past few years, has given me a new way to deal with what is coming down the pike and more options as to deal with these things.  You have lifted a weight off my shoulders! You are not only beautiful outside but beautiful inside and very gifted. Stephen S


“My first reading with Angelique was very clear and in casual terms. I
have had other readings but not really as cogent and succinct in
communication as this one. Angelique was able to give me expert advice
on my job and what would happen in the next three weeks. And sure
thing, it did really happen. This kind of guidance can be really
important for anyone on the career ladder, as you can plan your next
move. Angelique was so “on” with the dates of events that I really had
an opportunity to be proactive and was not surprised. She lays out the
reading in such a way that it is very easy to understand.  I would
highly recommend her to anyone.”

Sareena S.



2 Questions Email Angelique

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