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1hr 30 mins Reading | Healing 1hr 30min



Angelique de Wolfe’s intuitive readings are truly on the mark. Her casual but direct approach is very supportive and her uncanny ability to give predictive guidance not only prepares you for shifts coming up in your life, but also assists in feeling at ease through the changes. If you are looking to know possibilities coming up in the near future, Angelique can guide you in a very loving, structured, grounded way.  Try it. You will like it. Jodi Serota 


I have to say things happened just as you predicted, even to certain words that were exchanged! In my reading two months ago, you had told me, I would be invited to go to a party of some sort and that day I would not feel like going but you told me I must as there would be someone new I would meet, that would grow very quickly into a meaningful relationship and when we would see one other it would be instant magic and chemistry! Well I got the invitation from a co-worker completely by surprise I went to the party I was suffering from cramps and met the man! We have been seeing each other for six weeks now, it truly was love at first sight! WOW I still cannot believe it. Thank you, thank you! Mary Steinberg


In my first card reading with Angelique (A.D.) Made me cry with tears because how each card signified a related problem I was having.  Each card I chose was for me regardless how I shuffled the cards and thought of my question to A.D. Amazing it was and is still to this day! If I have an issue or want to know something or just have it done, because I feel I want to know something anything in general … every word she will engage to me comes real.  Whether it is something to do with your job, relationship,  school, any specific issue she will have you content.  On your first reading you will know and maybe cry like me or say “OH SHE IS GOOD” ….. But please. Do remember everything she says–word to word because when something is mentioned it will happen. You again will say “oh, she is fantastic, phenomenal, awesome”.  I highly recommend anyone to her, even if a person doesn’t believe in this, because I guarantee you will have guidance and truth and closure. Instead of 5 stars, I give her 6 ******

Sincerely,S. Dervisevic


I had my first reading with you about three months ago. To have my eyes opened with your uncanny intuition, your warm advice, your guidance in response to problems I have been haunted by these past few years, has given me a new way to deal with what is coming down the pike and more options as to deal with these things.  You have lifted a weight off my shoulders! You are not only beautiful outside but beautiful inside and very gifted. Stephen S


“My first reading with Angelique was very clear and in casual terms. I
have had other readings but not really as cogent and succinct in
communication as this one. Angelique was able to give me expert adviceon my job and what would happen in the next three weeks. And sure thing, it did really happen. This kind of guidance can be really
important for anyone on the career ladder, as you can plan your next
move. Angelique was so “on” with the dates of events that I really had
an opportunity to be proactive and was not surprised. She lays out the
reading in such a way that it is very easy to understand.  I would
highly recommend her to anyone.”

Sareena S.

1hr 30 mins Reading | Healing 1hr 30min

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    “Readings and Healings” are available in person by appointment only in Manhattan, New York unless prior arrangements have been made.

    Appointments require a one hour minimum.

    For other locations within the Tri-State area please contact Angelique for rates via email 

    Readings and long distance healing by Telephone & Skype are by appointment ONLY, .

    To schedule your reading now email


    Angelique is available for Charity Events, Private Parties, Corporate Events and Spiritual Salons.


    Join the Oracle Traditions Family & Community. 

    Prior to emailing or setting up your phone reading , YOU ACKNOWLEDGE you are over 18 years of age.


    Se Habla Espanol.


  • Why a reading?

    Seeing Beyond Time As We Know It.

    When seeking Angelique’s assistance, be prepared and open to hearing incites and truths that are for your benefit and for your highest good. She will give you accurate predictive information of what is coming up in all areas of your life and quite often time lines of when things will transpire.  Her use of the Tarot Cards as a tool for focus  provides the guidance and information for a very detailed reading. When you experience a reading with Angelique, you will receive knowledge that will help you to prepare for events coming up, potential choices and reactions you can make and the overall consequences in response to each of these  professionally, romantically spiritually and health wise. Quite often names, events, and descriptive circumstances will be revealed, so that you will receive confirmation and validation assisting and empowering you to make necessary decisions easier. Guidance, assistance, information, compassion and understanding is just moments away.

    In this busy world we live in, sometimes one just feels STUCK and unsure what to do next  for the best outcome  in regards to changes we would like to make or that are imposed upon oneself by others. When certain situations are experienced, or presented, they can leave one with a sense of euphoria, love, excitement, clarity, opportunity, likewise they can bring the illusion of fear, anticipation of loss, confusion, anxiety, emotional pain, heartache, sorrow, anger, or mistrust, towards others and to oneself. In these moments, one can easily lose touch with ones own inner voice (intuition) that we all have, so we look for answers, clarity, validation, different solutions outside of oneself through readings and/or healing.


    Why a healing?


    Each person’s path is different. Our journeys and lessons are what we are here to learn and transform. We all have different experiences or our perceptions of the same event or person can be most different as no two people are quite the same. Until we have come to understand and truly love ourselves, have self worth and attained Mastery of our self and ego.

    We have come here to this earth to experience lessons — through our friends, family, community, workplace, sickness, tragedies, and the loss of loved ones. The “problems” we Perceive to be facing can be Spiritual, Mental, Emotional or Physical in nature or a combination of the above.,Whatever your belief system is, religious background or even if you are Atheist, will not affect your experience or the outcome of your sessions with Angelique.


    All the experiences that we undergo as human beings from the time we are in the womb can take a toll on our physical, emotional and outer body, whether it is a great and wonderful experience, or a fearful or painful loss that our body reacts to as contractions.


    Self esteem issues, abuse, and lack of love for ourself, will also manifest itself as disrupted energy in the body and its fields, thus creating an imbalance. These memories,emotions, and actions are all recorded, and charges are created in the mind, almost like a computers memory-the hard drive if you will. These charges in turn are stored as pockets of energy in the body. These pockets of energy over periods of time can obstruct the life force flow also known as Chi, Prana and Kundalini from flowing the way it is supposed to in Harmony, thus manifesting as disease or depression in the human body and creating disharmony.  This is where “PRC can help you.


    Having studied various different healing systems from around the world,I am dedicated to assisting in the healing process of the physical body energetically, collectively and our planetary environment. I am usually guided to work via my hands transferring energy on to the patient (or hands off as guided and/or according to the client comfort level.) I also work over distance as energy can be sent anywhere and is just as effective as if you were in the same room.


    It is a peaceful and subtle energy that can sometimes be experienced in your body either by heat or cool in certain areas, tingling as the energy is absorbed by your body. You will experience this transformative energy multi-dimensionally, assisting you to move through and release these unhealthy energy blocks that no longer serve you, and transmuting them so you will feel more energetic, healthier, more at peace and in harmony with your self, your loved ones and all whom you come into contact with each day.


    Angelique assists with a gentle, compassionate, honest and direct approach. She has been guided since childhood and has chosen to assist others through her direct connection to spirit to compassionately bring to light the solutions, healings, options and focus, thus enabling your peace of mind and support on your journey of growth and change.

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