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Blessings & GhostBusting



Angelique arrived walked the property and automatically began to tune in to the land, the home as she did her preliminary walk about. 


We recently purchased our dream home.... our dream home began to feel like a liability, shortly after we moved in.We had been experiencing strange laughter and many shadows out of the corner of our eyes, the dog would pick up on it at the strangest times and begin barking looking intently in front of him, above or even at the floor. Leaks, floods, strange accidents, windows closing abruptly, doors slamming when no windows were open. Sleeping was erratic with multiple disturbances in the night. We were referred to Angelique through a friend whom she had worked on her business and apartment in New York. WE didnt believe in that kind of stuff really until we moved and figured we would try anything for peace.


Angelique spent half a day... a delight to be with and a very grounded sense of humor, after her work was completed. All strange happenings literally stopped that day. We have been trouble free for three months now, sleeping better, the renovations to the extension we are building is going smoothly and finishing ahead of schedule!!!!!  Unheard of! 

I thoroughly recommend her work, worth every penny for the peace of mind and everyone that walks in now says what a wonderful warm feeling the home has, so welcoming.  Thank you Angelique for making our dream home a reality finally. No more bumps in the day or night!



I have a successful restaurant in Manhattan however like any entrepreneur there is room for growth. I had been experiencing as well as my staff the feeling someone would brush by, folowed by a hovering kind of chill that would make our skin stand up. It was mainly in three areas of the restaurant. The Chefs and kitchen staff were also arguing all the time it seemed... a chaotic disagreeing confusion at least a few times a week. I consulted with Angelique, she did a 20mins walk through and gave me an estimate and time window of completion.

Angelique arrived three days later 10 mins early...I LOVE punctual people and proceeded to work in the early morning hours before lunchtime opening. My business increased that night and no sense of anything lingering anymore. The Kitchen is a creative, high turnover area and everyone seems to be working as a team now instead of all the tantrums. Nightime reservations have increased. Thank you so much and i highly recommend her services.


Blessings & GhostBusting

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  • Buildings, land, furniture all hold energy. The types of energy can vary from spirit hauntings of people not crossed over and set up home in your space, to the residual energies of prior tenants, sickness depression of the residents can linger, financial stress and a myriad of other unwanted elements can stay in the space. Land holds energy of wars, hostile events and can create chaos in developing them. Once the spirits have been relocated and the land honored and reinstated to harmony, building developing, farming etc., can all flourish in a new supportive way.


    Why a blessing?


    When moving into a new home or being in an existent space be it home, office, plane, yacht it serves to perform a Blessing Ceremony to welcome the occupants, employers and visitors into harmony, well being and for an office...assists with effective focus, good employee relations and cohesiveness. Increase of abundance financially, upsurge of new clients, clients referrals, new projects and more. It basically anchors your energy into the space and becomes a fully supportive place for you and your own specific frequency and needs. Highly recommended!

  • Space Clearings and Blessing estimates are quoted on an individual project basis. Space Clearings available for:-


    Home, Business, Land, Planes, Yachts, Farms, Construction Sites.

    Angelique is also available to travel Nationally & Internationally.  

    Please contact Angelique for more information. Prices are quoted per individual project.  

    References are available upon request.




    Why have a space clearing and/or blessing? What are the benefits of a space clearing and/or blessing.


    If property is slow to sell, usually for a variety of reasons, the clearing will definitely speed up sale, closing process etc.,


    If property is problematic during building, architects, contractors, undergoing renovations, a clearing will definitely speed up the process and bring the correct people to work on nthe project, refocus people on existing project.


    For a store front business a space clearing will enhance business and bottom line.

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