Juicy Living LifeLine On Call (3 Month Program)

Juicy Living LifeLine On Call Mentoring Program 1-1 will address goals, physically and meta-physically so you can manifest the life, love and well being you deserve as a human and embrace new rites of passage. Time to take center stage of your life and bust through all limitations, clear repetitve patterns of conscious and unconsious self sabotage|fears|generational karmic patterning|Live the life you desire|Get clear on what you want, goal setting and why you want it|Open up to the choices that are waiting for you to seize and feel empowered in your skin|Live the best and ever changing version of yourself|Manifest and attract your deepest desires by getting out of your own way and commit to investing in yourself.It takes awareness, effort however YOU are well worth it.

Contact Angelique to schedule a free consulation for more information and options to breakdown Bi-Weekly - Monthly.

Juicy Living LifeLine On Call (3 Month Program)

$22,000.00 Regular Price
$18,000.00Sale Price

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